Version 0.58

What Is It?

This package is an implementation of the XML-RPC standard in Perl. The goal is to provide a client, a stand-alone server and an Apache/mod_perl content-handler class.

Example Usage

The manual pages for the various classes have some examples listed.

Getting the Software

This package is available via the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, at CPAN, indexed by my CPAN user-id, RJRAY. You may go directly to the package via this link:


This will always refer to the latest version CPAN has available.

Source packages for systems that support RPM are downloadable here:


I am no longer providing direct links to built packages, because of the minute differences between Perl and RPM versions on various platforms (Mandrake, the varieties of Red Hat, etc.) supported by RPM. It should be simple to build a binary package from the source RPM provided here.

System Requirements

This module is pure Perl, requiring no C compilation in order to build and install. The XML::Parser and LWP packages are required for operation. Additionally, the server class may utilize the Net::Server package as a server framework implementation, if it is available.

Other Documentation

Manual page for RPC::XML
Manual page for RPC::XML::Client
Manual page for RPC::XML::Method
Manual page for RPC::XML::Parser
Manual page for RPC::XML::Procedure
Manual page for RPC::XML::Server
Manual page for Apache::RPC::Server
Manual page for Apache::RPC::Status
Manual page for the make_method utility
The README file
Notes regarding XML::Parser and Apache
The ChangeLog file