Familiar Taste is a user-script for the Greasemonkey extension for the Firefox web browser.

Each time you visit a page, FT consults your set of del.icio.us bookmarks to see if you have the current page marked. If so, it puts a small semi-transparent window in the upper-right corner of the window showing when you bookmarked it, and what tags you assigned to it.

A view of the Greasemonkey page at mozdev.org, with Familiar Taste. Click for larger version.

One click on the close-button in the upper-right corner of the box, and it goes away.

To install this script, right-click on this link and select, "Install User Script..."

Please Note:

The Familiar Taste script requires some configuration information, such as your del.icio.us account name and password, in order to function. This is stored within the Firefox user-preferences system in such as way as to prevent other Greasemonkey scripts from accessing it. The next page you load after installing the user script will present you with the configuration screen. After the first time you see it, it won't pop-up on its own again. You can access it via the "User Script Commands..." option in the "Tools" menu. FT will not attempt to contact del.icio.us until you have configured at least the user-name and password.

I wrote this for a simple reason: Within the first month of using del.icio.us, I racked up over 900 bookmarks. I know people with currrently over 1400. And while I can't speak for them, I often find myself wondering whether the page I'm looking at is one I've already bookmarked. Of course, if you bookmark it again, nothing bad happens (it moves to the top of your list in chronological terms). Except that, not only is the time-stamp modified, if you used the extended-description field for any notes, those are lost, as are the original tags you used. For some, this may not be a big deal. But for me, I'd prefer a gentle reminder if I'm on a page I've already bookmarked.

Features yet to come:

Release history:


Bug-fix in the password-changing configuration entries.


Minor bug-fix and release of fade-out effect and configuration.

  • Implemented fading-out effect for window closure. Added configuration of length (seconds) fade-out should take to the config pane.
  • Fixed a bug in scrape_and_show() found by David Kaspar.

Clean-up release, no new functionality implemented. Changes:

  • Changes made to some onclick handlers to make the script more friendly to the upcoming greasemonkey 0.6.X.
  • Set explicit style information for the <p> tags in the pop-up, so that errant cascading from the site's CSS doesn't leave the pop-up unreadable.

Initial release.

E-mail any comments or bug reports to rjray@blackperl.com.